Sunday, August 2, 2009

What to eat when you want a candy bar

Food temptation at the office is one of the easiest way to kill your health and wellness goals. One day Andy brings in donuts and the next day Jackie has her world famous chips and salsa. If you do not have something ready and raring to compete with such yummy food you are sure to fall in with the crowd and start chowing down on something that is loaded with fat.

If you are a major sweet tooth like me then you have probably given in to the cakes, cookies and donuts more times then you can count. Now I make sure to have an assortment of snacks at my desk that taste delicious and are quite nutritious. One of my new favorites are Luna bars. They are made for chicks but good for you food should be for all genders. My personal favorites include peanut butter cookie and the caramel brownie. My office friend likes the fruitier options. They are much lower in sugar then many other nutrition bars and have lots of protein, fiber and nutrients. Some days I even eat two of them when I am busy and multiple snacks are needed. They are now sold at Wal-marts and most groceries stores. I have seen them sold separately like a candy bar or in boxes of five for a bargain price. The boxes only come in certain flavors though.

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